Sunday, November 6, 2011

My latest entry for "The Virtual Paintout" an old Church in Arles, France . For this I used 6 x 9, 140lb watercolor paper ; the painting was done using pen and ink along with Van Gogh watercolors.I recently looked this site up again; its the oldest church in Arles,  France and is called "Notre Dame de la Major" plus if I have it right the highest point in Arles : )

Windy point, Tucson, AZ; I used pastel pencil and sticks on colored paper, this was done from a photo I took 3-5 years ago during a visit to Mt. Lemmon.

Monday, September 19, 2011

I did this painting on the blog the virtual paintout a good site for virtual plein air painting , its legal and hosted by an artist of good standing using google street views, not peoples photos ,where I live its to hot part of the year, so if travel or weather hinders you getting outdoors this is good. I used W/Colors and color pencil in this French Quarters painting. The artist picks new areas each month: )~

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Flower in Latticework

A recent watercolor pencil, kimberly by General and Drewent both pk of 12 colors. The flower was taken at San Deigo , the lattice work and background I made up it exist from our past dwelling as I remember the grass no as I live in the desert.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

This old barn ! sketched on site along Porter Rd in the white mts AZ , 3/4 through the sketch a state police officer pulled up and said Icould finish the sketch but to park in the bussiness lot across the street for any farther sketches , I must say it was nice that she allowed me to complete it as the view was perfect there .
Our night blooming cereus cactus from our mini barrel like cactus called (Echinopsis cactus), We have a much larger plant called a Peruvian apple cactus, which blooms later, august or september, its about 10-15 ft tall.
My wife made this hanging art using some of my many cranes I folded in the past few years. I folded numerous items at the intermidiate level and since joined a Japanese origami class in Tucson, AZ .
I sketched this old bunk house at Empire - Cienega Ranch; now owned by the Tucson BLM , located north of Sonoita, AZ .
I used 2b and 4b pencil for this sketch.