Sunday, April 22, 2012

My 1st collage ;its 2 pieces , a torn painting lower 3/4's and a painting tablet for the base . I painted the sky ;top 1/4 , used white opaque for the stsr and splatter, next I glued the torn pieces back of which was watercolored with salt added , alcohol drops and light sponging. I did this in a class at Ben Franklin'swhich used to be in Tucson. I did this May of 2000 : )~
My may Virtual Paintout called KRAZYWY DOMEK it made a fun building to draw and watercolor, yes the business looks like this , location is north of ,or in Gdansk, Poland: )~

Sunday, April 1, 2012


I took an online class on W/C Journal and sketched and painted the succulent on my porch, afterward I added glitter, splatter, origami and pine needles, The med I used was w/c pencil , I used a  fountain pen for the word succulent and used my Sthathmore Windpower watercolor paper 6" x 9", for this class I did 2 paintings. Now I need to do another painting or 2 on "The Virtual Paintout" as I didn't get any in last month; so its off to do more practice work : )~